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6mm Elastic Silicone Coated 1/4"

6mm Elastic Silicone Coated 1/4"

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Cut in one continuous piece.

Very easy to sew and chlorine resistant.

The main advantages of this elastic over traditional braided elastic is superior heat and chlorine resistance. This elastic can withstand both strong bleach and high temperatures. Braided elastic is most often made with polyester which must be ironed on low whereas silicone can withstand the highest setting your iron has. The main disadvantage of this elastic is that some may not like the rubbery feel.

Chlorine resistant elastic and as such is suitable for items which may need to be washed with bleach for sanitary purposes.

Easy to sew thanks to nonslip silicone clothing. Useful for various healthcare garments as well such a clean suits.

Popular end-uses for Filpar® tapes include swimwear, cycling shorts, aerobic wear, isolation gowns and high technology clean rooms, pyjamas, boxer shorts, men's briefs, fine lingerie, children's wear, fitted sheets etc...

Featuring a ribbed surface finished with a non-staining silicone, this elastic has eliminated al of the drawbacks of talc finished tapes

Excellent heat resistance for trouble-free sewability

Certified as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product class

Content: 100% rubber with a silicone coating

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Customer Reviews

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ashton w
Perfect for scrunchies

I really like this elastic for scrunchies because it has a continuous stretch that does "stop" when stretched

Beverly Falk
Easier than I thought!

This was my first time making a swimsuit, and first time using swim elastic. The slight ribbed texture made the elastic easy to handle and I was able to achieve a good result on my first attempt! Don't hesitate to try it. My granddaughter loves her swimsuit!

Perfect for Swimsuits!!

I made my first two swimsuits using rubber elastic and they turned out great! I basted the liner to the swim fabric, serged the rubber elastic to the edges, then turned the elastic under, and top-stitched with a stretch stitch. It worked perfectly. The rubber was great because it didn't matter if I accidentally sliced a bit off with the serger too!

Caylee d’Entremont
6mm elastic

Works perfect for making swimwear!

This elastic is perfect and comfortable.

This elastic is perfect and comfortable.